Christmas Programs


Days 1 & 2 of this camp are about creating offence and scoring goals. Gusto created a curriculum that focuses solely on the skills needed to attack the net; from shooting to deking, to puck handling, to passing, and puck protection. Everything needed to improve every player’s offensive capabilities in the offensive zone, particularly around the net. 

** Please note that the IP program will be basic fundamental skills of skating, passing, and stickhandling for days 1 & 2**

Day 3 of this camp will be 3 vs. 3 cross-ice hockey. Playing in smaller areas forces the players to skate quicker, stickhandle quicker, shoot quicker, and, most importantly, think and read quicker. It conditions the player for improved speed in all aspects of the game. Each participating player will experience exponentially more touches of the puck, more scoring opportunities, more quick changes in direction, and repetition…. repetition…. repetition; the key to improvement 

** The IP Program will play 3 vs. 3 cross-ice hockey as well **